Sunday, May 24, 2009

End of May Edition Pesona Tudungs


It's nearing the end of the month, and you can almost hear the ka-ching of this month's salary as a reward for a month of pure hard work... and what better way to welcome a brand new month than a brand new Pesona Tudung?? *wink wink*

Well this month, apart from the normally fabulous designs, I have also managed to acquire a brand new style of Pesona Tudung just for you! Mind you, it's not that easy to get as I have to compete with several other traders.. but somehow i managed to get ONE especially LIMITED EDITION Pesona Tudung for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure... And with that, I bring you... the Bejewelled! So hurry and grab this beauty before someone else does!

Name: Bejewelled (Beige & Black)
Colours: Beige & Black
Material: As soft as the usual Pesona Tudungs, but heavier, slightly thicker & luxurious
Special Features: Adorned with diamentes and has an intricate weave between the 2 panel of colours
Introductory Price: RM50
Status: SOLD to Jann.. Thx!

Note the intricate weave between the two fabric panels!

Diamentes along the edge of both beige AND black panels! Simply glam!

I also have a long list of gorgeous designs for those who prefer patterned Pesonas.. some are repeat designs, back due to popular demand. Feast your eyes on my lovelies and order yours before it's gone!
Name: Rosebush (HotPink)
Colours: Hot pink & Cream
Status: N/A

Name: Lemony Stripes (Brown)
Colours: Shades of Brown & White

Name: Poppy (Fuschia)
Colours: Fuschia, Dark Purple, Pink & Light Purple
Status: SOLD to Risya.. All the way from Montreal! Thx!

Name: Aurora (Black & White)
Colours: Black & White
Status: SOLD to Risya.. All the way from Montreal! Thx!

Name: Aurora (Blue)
Colours: Light Blue & Turqoise
Status: N/A

Name: Aurora (Brown)
Colours: Shades of Brown
Status: N/A

Name: Aurora (Green)
Colours: Shades of Green & Cream
Status: N/A

Name: Aurora (Peachy Pink)
Colours: Shades of Pink & White
Status: SOLD to Afee.. Thx!

Name: Aurora (Red & Black)
Colours: Red, Black & OffWhite
Status: SOLD to Afee.. Thx!

Name: Aurora (Light Orange)
Colours: Light Orange & Brown
Status: N/A

Name: Mermaid (Light Pink)
Colours: Light Pink, Darker Pink, White, Peach & Purple
Status: SOLD to Titie.. Thx!

Name: Mermaid (Black)
Colours: Black, White & Grey
Status: SOLD to Murni.. Thx!

Name: Mermaid (Brown)
Colours: Dark Brown, Reddish Brown, Cream, Yellow & Peach
Status: Available

Name: Wildflowers (Maroon)
Colours: Maroon, Dusty Pink, Yellow, White, MossGreen & Dark Brown
Status: SOLD to Zetty.. Thx!

Name: Wildflowers (Pink)
Colours: Light Pink, Darker Pink, Cream, Fuschia, Yellow & Green
Status: SOLD to Afaf.. Thx!

Name: Dunes (Black)
Colours: Black & Shades of Grey
Status: SOLD to Afaf.. Thx!

Name: Dunes (Green)
Colours: Shades of Green, Yellow, White & Orange
Status: SOLD to Iqa.. Thx!

Found your favourite? You know the drill, just email me your orders at ! The patterned designs are all the usual price, RM32 a piece. So hurry, grab yours before its too late! Happy Shopping gals!

Monday, May 18, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


As I've mentioned in my previous post, I've been lucky enough to catch some great movies at the cinemas lately... so my next review will be of the much hyped about blockbuster.. (girls hold on to your knickers! haha) X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

WARNING: Movie Spoiler Haters can stop reading from here onwards.. :P

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

OK... to write a review about this movie and not be blindsided by the HUGE eye-candy factor would be hypocritical. I mean, let's be honest here, shall we? How many of you can honestly say you're interested to watch this movie purely based on the storyline eh? We already know that this movie is pretty much a story about Wolverine's mysterious past, how he got his adamantium claws and how he lost his memory (hence the title "ORIGINS")... And even if you didn't know that's what this whole movie is about, if you've seen the previous X-Men trilogies, you would kinda get the picture. So why would you need to watch THIS movie then?

Well... if the eye-candy factor doesn't do it for ya.. then perhaps the long list of popular-but-not-yet-filmed mutant characters would. Wonder what Gambit, Sabertooth, Cyclops and Deadpool looked like when they were younger and bits and pieces of their stories? Well, you'll get all those questions answered in this movie. Oh and did i tell you they were all yummy-licious too? Even the baddies were uber-sexy.. Hehe.

The storyline to the latest X-Men edition is pretty good, well-rounded and smooth-flowing. It preddy much answers all the questions you ever wondered about Wolverine, even the reason of his obsession with Jean-Grey in the earlier X-Men movies. I was slightly disappointed to find that the reason for his torturous experiment as weapon X was kinda cliche'.. However, Wolverine's love-hate relationship with his arch nemesis Sabertooth makes up for all the predictablities in this movie. Their fight scenes exhibit raw, primal power that the previous intallments of X-Men failed to portray.

The cinematography is excellent! I especially loved the beginning part... where they showed how Wolverine & Sabertooth grew up. Artistic and action-packed! The CGIs were superb too. The sceneries were breathtaking.. imagine lush greeneries at the foot of a mountain.. with a glassy lake beyond and the perfectly sculpted form of Hugh Jackman streaking across the field in his birthday suit... hahaha. The actors' performances were great -- Hugh Jackman especially ( and no, I'm not just saying that becoz he looks good with his shirt off, ok? Gimme some credit lar.. huhu). He not only manages to portray raw animal magnetism, but also his vulnerability, that makes him THAT much more appealing. Ryan Reynolds reprises the usual (albeit short-lived) sarcastic-motor-mouth character he always plays in his previous movies, and Liev Schreiber was simply beastly (in a good way!). The only character I'm not raving about is Stryker... he just seemed to lack that evil edge for me. His predictable dialogue did not help much either!

So all in all, this movie is 2-thumbs-up-worthy for me. It has everything -- Action-packed for the guys and Hottie-packed for the ladies. It also does justice to the original comic, methinks... but then again, I'm not that much of a comics person so I can just tell you what I know. Die-hard X-Men fans may object, but hey... its MY blog so i can write whatever i darned well please.. haha!

The only downside to this movie for me is probably all the hype going on about it. You expect it to be super awesome and perfect, and when certain parts of it came up short, you get way too disappointed. And having a die-hard wolverine addict as a sister is no help either! Huhu. Comparatively, Star Trek for example, I went in with low expectations, and so when it exceeded what I had imagined it would be like, it seems much better than Wolverine. Truth be told, it would be unfair to compare these 2 movies as they are both different and unique, but one can't help it, esp if you watched both movies within the same week!

So I'm just gonna rate this movie based on its merits and TRY not to base it on comparison to other movies:

RaveFactor: 4/5

To those who have yet to catch this delish movie... a word of advice, if you please...

Girls: If you plan to ogle yummy Mr Jackman, DON'T go with your hubby/fiancee/boyfriend... it will be preddy awkward! Go with you gal pals instead... this makes a perfect girls-day-out movie (a change from all the usual chick-flicks, surely). And bring plenty of tissues to wipe off your drools.. As a precautionary measure, bring along some smelling salts too! Just in case you swoon from watching too much eye-candy.. hahaha

Guys: If you wanna focus on the action, go with the guys. At least you get to focus on the gritty fights and awesome characters properly without having to endure your gal's dreamy sighs and girly giggles... hahaha

Well, hope you'll enjoy the movie as much as I did! Ciao!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek!


Since tudung and perfume orders have simmered down quite abit since last week, I had time to spruce up my blog... did abit of renovating here and there.. Nothing much, just changed the look abit, as you may have noticed. Somebody mentioned to me that I have a good blog, but it looked abit boring so... here's my attempt to beautify it. Mind you, I'm really crap at programming and what not, so this is the best that I can figure out... so far.

Anyway, while reading my own blog (yeah, i do read my own stuff :P), I noticed that it's been awhile since I last wrote a review! And since I've been to quite a few movies in the past few weeks, I think now is as good a time as any to review those movies.. So here goes the first one!

CAUTION: Those who hate movie spoilers, prefer to watch the movie themselves and make their own conclusions, DON'T bother reading any further.. in fact, RUN!!!


I went to the movie premier last Tuesday (5th May) at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara... That's 3 days before the official screening ya! I was one of the few lucky readers of my online friend, Miu's blog to be invited to catch the sneak preview (thanx so much, Miu!!!)... Boy, did i feel lucky! I was checking my watch every few minutes while waiting for office hours to end so I can rush back home and get ready for this much awaited outing.. hehe!

To be completely honest, I was abit skeptical about this movie. First off, I was never a Star Trek fan/Trekkie/Trekker. Ever. In fact, I was so NOT a sci fi fan that I wouldnt be able to tell the difference between a time warp and time travelling. And if the movie was anything like the original TV series.. I was prepared for some serious shut-eye. Of course, I WAS still the curious cat.. so a movie remake was definitely up there on my wonder list.

So me and hubby arrived at Cineleisure and collected our tix from Miu. I've never met her in person before... and I must say she's as bubbly as her blog persona. Too bad the common hall of the cinema was too packed and noisy so we couldn't really chat that much. I just went ahead and bought some tidbits, went straight to the movie usher's counter and deposited my handphone (this is a norm for movie premiers... don't wanna have a yet-to-be-released movied leaked, right?)

As the lights dimmed and the trailers ended, the much awaited movie started to roll. Miu did remind us NOT to miss the awesome beginning, so I was eager for the movie to start. And when it did, it did not disappoint.

So imagine this: A sci-fi series created some 20-30 years ago, with special effects that were state-of the-art back then. Now, take the same idea and concept, inject some 21st century CGIs and computer graphics and voila! You've got one helluva opening act! To those not in the know, this Star Trek movie is basically a prologue of the popular TV series.. the very beginning of Star Trek. Most of the story is a character build-up.. it pretty much tells you how the 2 key Star Trek characters started out.. from Captain Kirk & Spock's parents, Kirk & Spock's childhood and how they ended up on the maiden voyage of Starfleet Enterprise. There were loadsa action, tonnes of exciting special effects and most importantly, plenty of sarcasm and humour which i liked.

Here's the rough outline of the story:

Kirk, a newbie recruit who got onto the Enterprise by sheer friendship loyalty and not merit, (well, he was kind of a pain-in-the-arse) and somehow got to be part of Starfleet's rescue mission to aide the Vulcans (the alien race with pointy ears and sky high eyebrows.. ie: Spock) planet beseiged by a Romulan (another alien race) starship. However, he proved to be useful when he figured out they were walking right into a trap. Much warping and battle scenes ensued, and the audience finds out that the whole battle was an act of revenge (isn't it always?? huhu). Kirk, who initially despises Spock and vice versa, finally teamed up and they finally manage to save the world and universe (hey, you don't want me to tell you the WHOLE story, do you??).

As interesting as the storyline is, that's not what had me hooked. It's the characters. I mean, check out the photo above. If you've seen the Star Trek series before, you will definitely notice.. the resemblance to the original cast is UNCANNY! And i'm not just talking about looks here, ok? Its also the mannerism of each characters. From Kirk's fearless leadership.. to Spock's inner conflict of emotions, Bones's grumpiness, and even Scotty's tongue-in-cheek humour. For a non-trekkie, I would say the current cast of Star Trek's portrayal of the original character was definitely spot on!

So all in all, I would say that the latest edition of Star Trek has successfully converted me to a fan. The movie's storyline was great, the stellar cast's acting were fabulous and the effects were awesome. It has plenty of action, great dialogue, humour and a few sad moments. What's not to like? Most importantly, it exceeded my expectations by a mile! That alone should be a good enough reason for you to check this movie out... hehe.

Note: FYI, Eric Bana (as in Troy & The Incredible Hulk) is in this movie! Watch the movie and try to guess who he is!

RaveFactor: 4/5

Till next review.. Live Long & Prosper! *does the trekkie hand gesture*