Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hari Raya Promotion!

Hello Again!

As promised, here are the latest range of tudungs I have for sale... Most people call them tudung Ekin, some call them Arianis and some call them Hajabas. Whatever it's called, basically they're simple slip-on tudungs that's easy to wear and look great for casual or formal events. Take a look at these beauties and order yours now!

Name: Bejewelled "Haj*ba" (BlueBlack)
Colours: BlueBlack
Features: Embellished with a row of sparkling crystals arranged in a lovely design across the edge of the "awning"
Material: High quality stretchable jersey material that's slightly thicker than the usual ones you find in bazaars. Doesn't wrinkle easily and falls nicely around your shoulders. Gorgeous for formal or festive events!
Price: RM75
Status: Available

Check out the gorgeous crystal pattern!

Name: Silver Leaves "Ari*ni" (Black)
Colours: Black, BlueGrey & Silver
Features: Thai silk "awning" and patterned with silver-printed leaves!
Material: High quality stretchable cotton material that's slightly thicker than the usual ones you find in bazaars. Doesn't wrinkle easily. Perfect for formal or casual affairs!
Price: RM55
Status: Available

Note the authentic thai silk awning!

Now, I promised to tell you about my latest promotion, right?? Well, it's simple really...
Buy ANY 2 tudungs (Pesonas -- brand new/clearance OR any of the above slip-on tudungs) and you stand to get one of these delicious LIMITED EDITION diamente clips!

Colours & designs to choose from (L-R):
Blue Stones & Diamonds
Reflective Maroon-Pink Crystals
Reflective Blue-Green Crystals
Light Pink Stones & Diamonds

Look at how these sparkle! You can wear them as a hairclip OR on your Pesona Tudungs as a substitute to a bulky brooch at the side of your cheek for a touch of glamour this Hari Raya... ;)

Please note that there are only FOUR of these precious clips so first come first serve, yea! First four customers to buy 2 of my items will receive a notification from me and you can choose your desired clip then. Promotion ends 30th September 2009!

So HURRY and order your tudungs now at mochafrappez [at] yahoo [dot] com and grab these darlings before its gone in a flash!

Pesona Hari Raya Galore!


Yep, I'm back again, and this time with MORE variety for my loyal readers and customers to choose from... Brand new fabric and design additions were made to the Pesona Tudung family, and they will have you wanting for more! So choose from any of these lovelies and be the belle of the ball this raya!

Name: Jewellery (Light Maroon)
Colours: Shades of Maroon, Cream, Brown & Black
Special Features: 100% Silk Chiffon Fabric
Price: RM35
Status: SOLD to Ainul.. Thx!

Note the subtle shine of this luxurious fabric!
Name: Chrysanthemums (Blue)
Colours: Turqoise, Sea-Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red & Brown
Special Features: 100% Silk Chiffon Fabric
Price: RM35
Status: SOLD

Check out the gorgeous colours and silken finish!
Name: Rose Border (Black & White)
Colours: Black & White
Price: RM32
Status: SOLD to Ina.. Thx!
Name: Ripples (Light Blue)
Colours: Light Blue & Fuschia
Price: RM32
Status: Available
Name: Ripples (Green)
Colours: Shades of Green
Price: RM32
Status: Available
Name: Pulse (Brown)
Colours: Shades of Brown & Orange
Price: RM32
Status: Available

Since its nearing Hari Raya, i thought its appropriate to hold a mini clearance sale just for you... So check out these HOT new prices, and email me your orders!

Name: Bejewelled Royale (Soft Pink & Black)
Colours: Soft Pink & Black
Special Features: Adorned with 3 rows of diamentes along the pink panel's border
Normal Price: RM50
Status: SOLD to Aunty Rosni.. Thx!
Name: Bejewelled (Light Blue & Black)
Colours: Light Blue & Black
Normal Price: RM45
Status: SOLD to Aunty Timah.. Thx!
Name: Lemony Stripes (Brown)
Colours: Shades of Brown & White
Normal Price: RM32
Status: SOLD to Ainul.. Thx!
Name: Mermaid (Brown)
Colours: Dark Brown, Reddish Brown, Cream, Yellow & Peach
Normal Price: RM32
Status: SOLD to Soul.. Thx!
Name: Wildflowers (Blue)
Colours: Shades of Blue, Brown, Yellow & Green
Normal Price: RM32
Status: SOLD to Afee.. Thx!

Well, that's all I have for Pesona Tudungs at the moment... However I DO have a brand new range of tudungs up for grabs in my next entry, so keep an eye out for that, okie!
Oh, and did i mention that there will be an announcement on the latest promotion in the next entry as well? Hehe.. So don't wait, order your favourites NOW at mochafrappez [at] yahoo [dot] com before it's gone!