Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the Pursuit of Happy-ness


Well, as predicted, i've managed to lapse into my own little world and forgot to update this dusty old blog. But fate has a way of putting things back in perspective, apparently. A few days ago, i watched Julie & Julia on Astro. Though i was sleepy beyond reason, i told myself to pay attention because this movie was an Oscar-nominated movie (or was it an Oscar-winning movie? i forget) and the fact that it stars Meryl Streep is just something that would be incredibly stupid for me to miss.

It's basically a story about a down and out woman who seems to have lost herself and her zest for life being stuck in a dead-end job and having friends living her dreams with loads of money at their disposal (hello, sounds familiar??). She then found out one of those friends of hers, a journalist who shared her childhood dreams of being a writer and actually achieved that dream while she didn't, was writing a blog about herself and her adventures of singlehood. Jealous, she raved about it to her husband, who suggested she do the same. The question is, what would she write about??

Finally, she decided to write about what makes her happiest the most -- cooking. She came up with a brilliant plan, to cook each and every recipe in her idol chef's cookbook, Julia Child, in just one year. Now, this was no easy task, given that the book has about 500+ recipes and there's only 365 days in a year, not to mention having to keep a full-time job and a marriage.

In the end, by sticking to her resolve, she reached her target, learned to master french cooking, received countless book offers and writing jobs and even made it as a small-time celebrity in the newspapers. But most of all, she discovered herself, and ultimately her happiness. Now, isn't that the most wondrous thing? To find happiness within yourself and the life you have? I know plenty of friends who are still trying to achieve that. In fact, I am one of them. How many times have we actually come home from work, exhausted, and whining about what a lousy day we had? How many of us can actually admit to ourselves, that we are happy just the way we are, and with what we have?

It is basic human nature to want more things, better life, more money. It's ambition. It's drive. It's sometimes called greed. But i think this is part and parcel of being human. Wanting. But at some point, we've got to stop and say: Hey... i AM happy. I DONT need more stuff in my life. I just need ME to be happy. Isn't that just the best kind of happiness we can achieve, really?

Anyhoo, i'm rambling. All i'm saying is, i was inspired by that movie. In fact, i was inpired with the search of happiness even before watching Julie & Julia that night. A few months ago, I was reading this book called Eat, Pray, Love.... OK, i'll be honest. I saw the movie about to be launched in KL and i went helter skelter trying to find the book and finish it before catching it at the cinema. I just LOVE books that make it to the big screen. There's something about reading it and watching it on the silver screen that gives me a certain satisfaction -- as if i'm part of the story too. Not to mention the perk of being a know-it-all by saying: Hey, the movie was good, but the book was WAY better. It normally is.

So back to the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love. It's actually an autobiography, and a damn good one too. I guess that fact kinda makes it even more interesting, reading somebody's life in a book, their decisions and misadventures along the way and learning from their mistakes. I wont tell u what the book/movie is about, because that will make this entry just wayyyy to dragging. But what i've learned from it is, you need to have courage to make decisions in your life, because you are responsible for each and every one of them, and hence, your own happiness. No one and nothing in this world can make YOU happy. That job and luxury, my friends... is yours and yours ALONE.

Oh and for the record... the book WAS way better than the movie.. haha. But i do love the fact that it tried as much as possible to stick to the actual story of Elizabeth Gilbert's life. And could Javier Bardem BE any hotter? What is it about Spanish men that makes women swoon??Seriously.

Well, i think that's enough self-indulgent rambling for today. My eyes are starting to water, and its not from sleepiness, but a case of conjunctivitis, on a weekend no less. Go figure! I had all these plans and things to do this weekend that went down the drain because of this eye thing. Oh well, I guess God has better plans for me, and keeping to the spirit of being happy with what I have, it turns out this eye infection had been for a good reason after all. I got to sleep in the evening (which i never get to do, having a spirited 3-year old and a 1001 things to do) and have some actual REST after a hard week at work and just before the final sprint to finish a report that's due next friday (God help me! huhu). That, and having a real gem of a husband that actually lets me get the rest i need. I'm looking for my silver lining, even with blurry vision, wherever i can. At least, that's what i can do for myself for now.

I hope you find yours too... Have a good weekend, peeps!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!!! A WORTHY Start, Anyone??

Aaa.. aaa.. AAACHOOOMMMM!!!


Man, it sure is dusty in here... No surprise there, since its been over a year (i think!) since i've last updated anything in my blog. No excuses... i'll just say i got pre-occupied with life and a new hobby that i kind of abandoned my poor ol' "baby".. huhu. No matter! 'Tis a bright new year, and i will try my hardest to maintain my blog as best as i can.. hehe. After all, I can't stay away from the joys of writing for very long... ;)

Anyhoo... I think I started this new year with a stroke of good fortune! And this pot of gold comes in the form of a little booklet called the Worthy Book...

Ever heard of it before? I got the low-down on it from a dear blogger-FB friend of mine.. she was raving over this book and it got me curious.. could it really be THAT awesome??

Well, a step, hop, and skip later... I got myself a brand spanking new Worthy Book. And my.. my... whatta gem it is indeed! Worthy Book is the best new year present to give yourself if you're a freebie-lover and discount-hunter like me. It is filled, from cover to cover, with vouchers that allows you to redeem free gifts/services, get discounts from retailers, food outlets, etc as well as upsize your favourite food/drink for free!

The participating merchants are mostly from our local favourites, ranging from Entertainment, Retail & Services, and best of all... Dining! (Yeah I'm a foodie, what can i say... hehe). As i flipped through the book, i even discovered Borders vouchers, too! Being a bookworm since God-knows-when, this is a big fat bonus for me...

And that's not all! I also received some extra vouchers for gym usage, Aquaria promos, slimming treatments as well as several beauty products. There was even a sample sachet of hot oil hair treatment that I'm dying to try out... Can't wait to pamper myself over the weekend... All I can say is.. look out merchants! You'll be seeing this freebie-holic at one of your outlets soon enough!

So... interested yet? Here's the inside scoop:

Worthy Books are up for grabs for at a jaw-dropping price of RM35.00 a piece. That's a steal if you ask me! The total vouchers in the book are easily valued for more than that. Now, the book i have has vouchers from end of 2010 till July 2011, but to make up for some of the shortly expiring vouchers, i was given those extra loose vouchers u see in the pix above.

What's great about buying this book is that for every purchase of Worthy Books, RM2 from the proceeds will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). So u're not only treating yourself to a bunch of cool deals, you're actually doing it for charity!

Get your copy today by calling 03-2264 3115 or email your queries and orders at And as a special treat to my fellow readers, if you quote my blog name: "Haze's Raves & Craves", you will get an extra 30% off the retail price! How cool is that, eh?

So don't wait, get your copy now! Enjoy... ;)