Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

Yeah i know its been ages since my last entry but as you all know, Raya month can be preddy hectic what with all the open houses, entertaining guests, cooking up a storm and all... I'll get into that in my next entry, but for now, I think i'll put up a movie review just for kicks... Yes, I know its been longgg overdue, and my previous promise to review Benjamin Button has never seen the light of day, but i can only do what I can, and at the moment, this is what you'll get!

The Ugly Truth

Note where the heart shapes are held ;)

OK, I'll be perfectly honest. The main reason I wanted to see this movie was because of Gerard Butler. Remember the hunk with the thunder thighs and washboard abs on 300? Yeah, that's him. The fact that The Ugly Truth came out just a month after I saw him play a charming and sweet hubby in P.S. I Love You on Astro only fired my determination (and infatuation) further. Katherine Heigl is also one of my fave actresses, esp when she plays a neurotic and clueless girl (ie. 27 Dresses). Plus, I'm a sucker for romantic comedies (or romcoms as the critics would call it) and chick flicks so this movie was definitely a must-watch in my books... hehe.

I managed to get my sister to babysit Deena while me n hubster went for this movie. My hubby wasn't too thrilled to watch a chick flick but went with me anywayz (the sweetie :P). Then when he saw that Gerard Butler was one of the main characters, he rolled his eyes at me and said: "No wonder you wanted to see this so much!" Yeah, he knows I have a thing for Gerry. hehe :P

Basically, the story is about a control freak morning show producer, Abby (Heigl) who is forced to work with an uncouth and sexist host, Mike (Butler) to boost ratings. She hates his guts and he just loves to taunt her. When she falls in love with her hot new neighbour and being her usual self was not an option, she asks for Mike's advice. Things began to go hilariously well until, as you can probably guess, Mike falls for her. Preddy cliche', i know. But don't let the synopsis fool you!

The student giving the teacher a taste of his own medicine... ;P

The movie started preddy predictably, the girl's sad life story, girl meets guy, girl hates guy, same ol' same ol'. But as the story unfolds, i began to realize... that this movie is really NOT a chick flick, but more of a JOCK FLICK. Lewd comments were aplenty, naughty jokes everywhere, suggestive antics were frequent and unabashedly displayed, and loads and loads of sexy bimbos throwing themselves at the cute line-up of guys in this movie.

At first, i was apalled by the first few sexist remarks that Gerry made in this movie. But after awhile, i realized... that it IS the ugly truth about men and women, at least in general anyway. It was definitely an eye-opener! When i finally came to terms with that and opened my mind abit, i began to enjoy this movie and all its crass humour. Some were downright hilarious, i almost guffawed out loud! But the rest of the cinema hall were practically laughing off their seats so I don't think it would matter anyway.

Although most of the movie was preddy physical and and comedic, it wasn't without its tender moments. Lewd jokes and embarassing moments aside, there were still some real emotions involved and a lesson to be learned from it all -- That no matter how hard we try to define ourselves or change ourselves to get what we want, in the end, it wont matter because we are who we are, and to find true love you need to find somebody who is willing to see past your idiosyncracies and love you anyway.

Katherine & Gerry's acting were great, they have great on-screen chemistry. I have a feeling that Gerry's gonna be the next Hugh Jackman if he keeps up with his versatile acting and good choices of characters. The script was sexy and witty and the storyline has enough sexiness and cuteness to make it worth watching. Even if it does remind me abit of 'Someone Like You' starred by Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd. This movie is a definite scorer for a date movie, as it has everything for both guys and gals alike.

Among all the naughty and cute quotes in the movie, one of my favourite snippets would be the argument the two of them had on a hot-air balloon that goes something like this:

Abby: So, you love me? Why?
Mike: Beats the hell outta me! But I do.
Why is it my favourite, you may ask? Well, only my hubby knows. hehe. *wink wink*

All in all, I really liked this movie. I wouldn't mind watching it again, given the chance... and best of all, even my hubby liked it, and that's very VERY rare indeed! I guess its because we can relate to the characters and understand what its like to be in love with someone who's less than perfect... ;)

After some major points on humour and hotness factor; minus some points for cliche'-ness, I will give this movie:
RaveFactor: 3.5/5!
Till next entry then... this is HaZe, signing off... ;)
Pix courtesy of Flixster & Movie Minx