Monday, April 23, 2012

Blast from the Past!


OK.. I guess I'm on a roll. Today, as I was FB-comment-flooding with my teacher sister-in-law about choral speaking, reminiscing what good fun it was 17 years ago, when it suddenly hit me -- today is officially Schooldays-Nostalgia Day. Just this morning, on the way to work, I heard this song playing on the radio:

This was a huge hit back in 1997-98 (i think). So when once in a blue moon, you hear it on the radio... WHAM! You whizzz back to the good ol' days when the only thing you had to worry about was acing your exams and whether the zits would ever cease from popping up. This is one of my fave Natalie Imbruglia songs, simply because there's such attitude to it, despite being such a laid-back-ish song. I wonder what happened to Natalie...

Anyhoo, as my sis-in-law and I was reminiscing about our choral-speaking days of glory, I surprised myself when I remember parts of the script to the Rapunzel performance I took part in some 17 years ago. Fellow choral speaking mates, do you remember this??

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel... Let down your golden hair... for I shall climb the golden stairs!"

"How dare you come into my garden... you little fool.. come here! I'll see that you suffer for this... hahahahahaaha (witch cackle)"

I especially remember the witch's cackle coz I practiced it with my mate who had the role of the evil witch a gazillion times. Heck, I even remember some of the hand gestures! Bizarre, I know. But some things just stick to memory, you know? Especially fond ones such as these.

I guess that's why some of us still wish we could go back for a day to relive the moments. I've even attended a back-to-school themed birthday party early last year, squeezing myself into a school uniform despite sporting a slight baby bump, being about 3 months pregnant with my second princess at the time.. hehe. Only difference was, instead of my parents sending me to school, it was my husband! :P

Playing dress-up in January 2011. I don't think I was ever this chubby back then la kan :P

Reminiscing about the past is fun, and at times, poignant. What a joy it was to be young and carefree! Which is why I don't get why teens nowadays are so busy trying to look and act adult. Childhood and teenage-hood are to be experienced and cherished, as the time you have for it is fleeting. You have the rest of your life to be an adult. So to you kids out there, enjoy the ride while it lasts... coz once you're my age (OK this will make me sound darned ancient, but there it is...) you'll be missing and reminiscing just like I am today.

Now, anybody wanna invent a time machine for me? Till somebody volunteers, I'm off to enjoy Duncan Sheik's Barely Breathing playing on the radio for now. Told ya it was Schoolday-Nostalgia Day!

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