Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday Peeps!
Strange, huh... having "Happy" and "Monday" in the same sentence? It's a norm for people to recover from a long week of 9-5 office hours with a relaxing and mostly fun weekend. But for me, its the other way around this week. I'm recovering from a harrowing and emotional weekend this working week, and it started out with a pretty positive outlook. 

Remember the TM Career Fair I blogged about in my previous entry? Well this morning, I received this in my mailbox:

The email that made me smile today :)

I know, it's probably nothing. But the fact that it came from somebody working from one of the departments I sent my CV to means, at the very least, that they have seen and read my CV. Its not just lying around collecting dust somewhere or became somebody's scrap paper. Even sweeter is the fact that this department was the one that had glanced at my CV in disdain. It was pretty humbling, lemme tell ya. 

Don't get me wrong boys and girls, this entry is not meant to brag. It was, after all, just an email. Not a job offer. But the point I'm trying to put across here is that if you put yourself out there, try your level best and be persistent about chasing your goals, then you just might get noticed. And that's the first step of moving forward, I think. If nothing else, it was enough to lift my spirits today. :)

So here's to a good monday, and hopefully a great week ahead!

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